Tuesday, September 1, 2015

growing up sucks. i s2g college life is so fucking stressful  i wish i can turn back the time so i would enjoy my high school with my friends. i wish i was heartless af. i tell ya dont fall inlove when you're in high school. your monkey love doesnt take you to anywhere even you 've been with ur bf 3 yrs. because u guys wont make it when you have to deal with LDR. yeahh it wasnt easy to be apart with your bf. THE MAIN PROBLEM IS YOU GUYS WILL HAVE TRUST ISSUE WHEN BOTH OF YOU STUDY AT DIFFERENT COLLEGE. lol it was funny af when i reminisce the past when i thought i could make it and stay with my ex. I WAS FUCKING LAME DOH. whatever. i was heartbroken and it took me 9 fucking months to move on. and i survived. yay and now ive found one man. i hve to admit he's the only one who can handle my shitty attitudes, my temper, all the dark side about me and i love him with all my heart.